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Tempest $15

  casamigos repo, ilegal mezcal, lime

  passion fruit, agave, pineapple


L'amour $14

  harry blu gin, st. germain, lime

  muddled cucumber


Lili $11

  titos, pineapple, lemon, lychee


Von Teese $14

  hendricks gin, raspberry preserves,

  house simple, fresh lemon 


Josephine $14

  ferrand 1840 cognac, 

  house made orgeat, burlesque bitters


Bettie $12

  stoli cucumber vodka, orange liqueur,

  splash of cranberry, fresh lime, simple


Tura $13

  lalo tequila, house fresh strawberry/fresh basil syrup,

  agave, lime, sweet and salty rim

Freezer Martini’s

premixed to optimal dilution, batched and put into

subzero temps for a lush, velvety texture

dirty pickle    $15

  elyx vodka, dry vermouth, 

house blend of pickle & olive brine

  blue cheese olives available upon request


espresso   $16

  lalo tequila, cazadores cafe,

kahlua, house simple 


lemon  $15

  elyx vodka, fresh lemon, house simple,

  black cherries



Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller lite, Coors Light, 

Mich Ultra, Yuengling, 16oz PBR


Blue Moon, Corona, Corona Light, Guinness,

Elysian Space Dust IPA, Sierra Nevada, Stella Artois,

OPB City Beautiful IPA


High Noon Tequila $7

Nutrl Vodka Seltzer $6

Original Sin “Black Widow”  Cider $7

Blake’s El Chavo “Mango Habanero” Cider    $6.5


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